Fruit and Specialty Wines

In addition to red and white dry and fruit-flavored wines, there are few specialty wines that you may see from time to time. During the winter and during the holidays you will be able to find spice wine that you can heat and drink on a cold and snowy night. This time of year you can also find pumpkin wine in addition to other holiday varieties. Although you will not ordinarily keep these holiday type wines in the house, you may want to keep them on hand beginning on Halloween and on through New Year’s.

When can you serve spice, pumpkin and other holiday wines? You may want to consider the wine from which they are made and go from or you can serve them with any holiday meal. You are not going to customarily drink these specialty wines as a dinner drink but you may drink them as a dessert wine or after dinner drink. Spice wine may be a dinner drink because it is heated and put into a cup like coffee or hot tea. Of course, you can also include the specialty wines with other drinks from the holidays as well thus making it a real occasion for celebration.

You can also add some of the holiday way to your cooking in order to enhance the flavor and make it a real celebration. This is the time of year when spices permeate everyone’s home so adding spice or pumpkin wine can also give it more of a holiday feel. While everyone is sitting around drinking hot spice wine, you can play Christmas music and watch the Christmas tree lit in all its glory. Even if you haven’t yet put up your holiday decorations you can enjoy the feel of warm spice wine on a cold winter night.

Everyone is now preparing for the holidays, so while you picking up things for your parties, be sure to include spice wine and pumpkin wine to add to the flavor of the party. Having some great holiday wine on hand can certainly help make the holidays more special and make all of your guests feel right at home. You can serve some spice wine with your dinners or just as an after dinner dessert wine while you are sitting around with friends enjoying the sights and sounds of the Christmas and New Year’s season as they approach.


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